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Day 2: 24.04.2021 (Sunday) - Plugs and plaster

Updated: May 13, 2021

Jeff from Yankie Kajeff Enterprise was on site with his colleague Tshepo as scheduled at 08h00. They quickly got to work and transformed to walls with a professional and durable finish.

We emptied out the casualty department, placing the patients in the resus room and passageways so that we could get to work.

The team stayed until late tonight to finish as much as possible to minimize the inconvenience.

Mduduzi, the local electrician who has been volunteering his time, discovered that all the plugs were disintegrating and only 2 out of 14 were functional.

We will be replacing all of them

Success! The room was stripped and rhinolited and will be dry for painting tomorrow.

The hospital CEO was BACK today volunteering her time with her child minder’s son, “Excellent”.

Usually, she is a professional, caring and diligent administrator dressed-to-impress and so it is fantastic and inspiring to see her commitment, rolling up her sleeves to clean and paint!

Excellent did another stellar job today.

Thank-you all!

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