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Week 0 - We're baaaaaack!! Next stop: HIGH CARE

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Thanks to your donations, emergency care has been fundamentally transformed at Tintswalo.

Now every single patient is triaged (compared with ZERO 😱 before this intervention).

Lives have been saved. That is not some saccharin sentiment, it is just a simple and entirely expected consequence of implementing established standards of care.

All we needed was the opportunity.

Triage in action

The tranquility of the new emergency room

One of the most dramatic changes, is in the motivation of the nursing staff. "I tell people where I work now", says a triage nurse. "before, I was so ashamed. People associated us with death and filth. Now it is the opposite. For the first time since I worked here, I feel like a professional. I'm proud".

We just received some more donations from ordinary readers like you...and there is no time to lose.

As promised, we will be implementing Tintswalo's FIRST high care unit.

In rural hospitals like Tintswalo, there is a limit to the kind of care you can sustain with your skeleton crew and rickety patchwork equipment, and so all critical patients must be stabilised and immediately referred to a higher level of care.

However, due to the remoteness of the hospital, "immediately" is not very immediate at all and patients have to wait HOURS for an ambulance to arrive.

At Tintswalo, we have nowhere to put these patients and without a dedicated vital sign monitor, there is no alarm to alert us when the patient deteriorates...leading to completely unnecessary deaths.

This is an obscenely easy fix that we estimate at USD 7500'00. (We are still a couple thousand off, and are seeking more donations!)

Stay tuned for our updates and subscribe to get an email alert for new posts.


And, by popular demand, here is an update from Bobbhi!

He is doing well in his new kennel made from offcuts of the building material.

Which has since received some urgent renovations too ...

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Matt Louwrens
Matt Louwrens
15 ก.ย. 2564

Great work Hope to see the project expand. Diagnosis of TB is the only way forward. It claims lost of lives right here in Capetown South Africa.

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