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Week 1 - Build like a girl

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Despite level-4 COVID lockdowns, freezing cold weather and nation-wide riots (which inspired some ingenious South African creativity, like HERE🪄), our all-new, all-star 💫 construction team have found a way to kick off the build of Tintswalo Hospital's FIRST high care unit!

Cliff and Isaac (from our highly successful emergency department renovation), are now using their skills to mentor the next generation: Meet: Treeza, Bongani, Mumsy, Advice, Joy, Renounce, Sibusiso and Miyelani

They are breaking ground both literally and figuratively by showing the community how to #buildlikeagirl 💅🏾

Here is Mumsy☝️, our fully qualified electrician, helping tear up the rotten floor of our new high care room.

"This work is important. I think I will save more lives by building this than if I became a doctor!"

"These donors have good sense! They can see our potential from thousands of kilometres away."

Next, all the old, unused cabinets were stripped to make room for the beds👇

As high-income countries dust off their barbecues to prepare for a COVID-free summer, Africa is experiencing its worst pandemic week yet (see NYT article), with little hope of even reaching 20% vaccinations by the end of the year (see NYT article) ️🏾‍🤦‍♀️

High Care at Tintswalo has never been so desperately needed.

Thank-you for seeing the potential of this project and the many lives it will change (and save!).

Stay tuned for updates (a little slowed down due to restrictions...but coming despite them! 💪)

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