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Day 18 (Tuesday) - Buy these guys a beer!

Days and nights of expert and physically exhausting work.

These guys are volunteering their time and donating their vast expertise and energy to improve the health outcomes of their community.

They deserve a beer (or anything else you would like to contribute!)

They are delivering TOP quality work that will last a lifetime of the extreme Tintswalo wear-and-tear.

Check out that baby skin smooth finish....😍

More impressive is that they are doing all this with improvised equipment...and some are doing their improvisations in HIGH style 😎

C'mon, give these guys a beer!

(Although Poeletso will be putting his beer money aside to get himself into tourism school)

Send along your contributions to the PayPal account or TWINT it at +41788667160

If you prefer another way of donating just contact me!

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