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Day 24-26 (Monday-Wednesday) - 14 shades of grey

After a 48hour wait...we could finally celebrate the new floor in the emergency and resus units as well as the 2 new triage consultation rooms...

Not only free of fungus and hidden sharps, but built to last with an antibacterial coating specifically for hospital use.

We haven't been relaxing all this time though...and while the floor was setting, we formalised the triage strategy and planning for staff training is underway.

This means that the grand opening of Tintswalo's ✊first triage unit ✊ is just a few days away, thanks 100% to your kind donations.

The next priority was fixing the roof leaks that waterboard our unconscious patients during rains.

Faiyaz from Raja Hardware AGAIN came to our rescue, donating ceiling boards with same-day delivery to ensure we minimise the inconvenience of relocating the emergency unit to the courtyard.

The final thing we had to do before being able to move patients back in, was erecting the vinyl to protect the walls from careening ambulance stretchers and the generalised urgent bustling of the ER. The fumes from the 60L of glue would be overwhelming for any human, especially sick ones...and indeed even our crew of sturdy construction workers were already giggling after 20L of the stuff.

The many shades of grey in our design has not yet reached 50, but such are the constraints of a resource-limited setting 😉.

Next up:

1) Water/kick/infection-proof skirting boards

2) The big plumbing push

3) Carpentry (benches, shelves, desks)

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