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Day 27 (Thursday) - Bohbbi

After some well deserved ibuprofen for Isaac's 14-hour day of crouching over the new skirting boards, he was back in TOP form and did 20 push ups to prove it.

During these long days, the crew is sustained by a range of street food funded by your kind donations, which also supports our local street chefs.

Today, Jackie came back from lunch with a bit more than a full belly, however...

He picked up a stray puppy (of which there are a distressing number) and anointed it "Bohbbi".

Bohbbi oversaw the afternoon's renovation activities and after a mini spa...

...and a trip to the vet for vaccinations, microchipping and deworming...

Bohbbi was a new man...and ready for his forever home with Jackie and Poeletso.

Renovation-wise, some donations that we recently received have allowed us to fix the ROOF!

As the ceiling is filled with asbestos, we couldn't yet move the patients back in and so the ER is still cramped into the corridor and courtyard. However, everyone is so motivated to fix the roof that one nurse said: I don't care if we temporarily move the ER into my long as you can fix that roof...

We're on it...

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