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Day 30 (Sunday) - Iron curtain

Today, we finally installed the curtains: iron-grey in super durable wipe-clean PVC with steel islets.

Heidi Simply Sewing, did a stellar job and gave us a significant discount in support of improving her local community hospital. 💗💗💗

Frikkie, the pole-man, welded the iron curtain poles to make them "Tintswalo proof" and kept us entertained throughout the morning with his anecdotes.

And what's that you see in the background...? It's our super slick skirting boards which will protect our walls for a lifetime of blood-bursting bustling! 💪

Later in the afternoon, a local woman who was visiting her friend walked past our new ER and was drawn in by the massive transformation. She had been here before. Her sister, just 31, died in bed 3 under the gaping hole that had been rotted out by the constant leaks.

"There was no dignity when she died" she explained. "This place was so disgusting, that I was ashamed for her, it is like she died in a garbage bin. Afterwards, I promised myself I would never come here. I would rather die in the street or go to the witch doctor....But now..." she paused to look around, "I will definitely come here. This is a place I can trust".

This is exactly what we were aiming for 🎯!

After a long day of work, we paid a visit to Bohbbi at Jackie's house about 2 km from the hospital.

He is doing extremely well and getting treated like royalty with many visits from the local children.

We have a busy week ahead...

Thank-you for all your messages of encouragement!

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Unknown member
May 27, 2021

Heidi is amazing!


Unknown member
May 24, 2021

Those curtains - WOW. And tackling the roof was essential and VERY BRAVE

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