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Day 31 (Monday) - Archway (+ YOUR SUGGESTIONS--this crew needs a name!)

Today, we received the FREE zinc donation by Faiyaz at Raja Hardware (🥰), and we took down that precarious Frame of Damocles.

It didn't need much encouragement to plunge to the ground in a decapitating crush of rust.

Then the crew got to work on replacing it...and they didn't just attach the zinc to the poles (i.e. the easiest option)...they celebrated the kind donation in STYLE.

Expertly bending the iron poles by prying them between two nearby trees to get it JUST the right angle for a new ARCHWAY entrance 🌈!

And they didn't just knock-off when it was 4pm. They stayed until there was no more light to safely continue.

This crew is simply phenomenal.

THEY NEED A NAME and/or logo that we can print it on their overalls to immortalise their building genius.

PLEASE SEND US YOUR SUGGESTIONS and then we'll vote with the crew.

If you are shy, just send a direct message, email ( or WhatsApp (+41788667160).

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