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Day 32-34 (Tuesday-Thursday) - Settling

THANK-YOU 🙏 for all your suggestions for the name of our crew-extraorindaire 💫

So far, we have gotten some excellent list a few:

  • Tintswallopers

  • Wrecking Crew

  • Hartley & The Nailers

  • Hammers & Studs

  • Nailed It

  • We Came, We Sawed, We Conquered

  • Hammer Time

  • Studs Up / Nails Down

  • Emergency Angels

  • Mavoko Machava Ntirho ("hands that are afraid to work" a humorous local saying in xiTsonga equivalent to "lazybones")

  • The Up-Wreckers

  • The Crew

  • The Gang

  • Brass and Brawn

The winner will be revealed tomorrow complete with a bespoke logo.

Otherwise, we've been very busy and working throughout the night...

And here without appropriate eye protection, your author is horrified to notice 😵 (PLEASE don't try this at home, kids).

First we removed the destroyed flooring from our 🌈new triage room...

And then replaced it with and expertly smoothed concrete flooring...

Which we are now allowing to settle...similarly to some members of our crew...

Some exciting equipment and critical furniture also coming in tomorrow... that was bought 100% with your kind donations that are helping to transform the standard of care for this deserving community.

Thank-you. 💗

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