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Day 35 (Friday) - Idle hands

Updated: May 29, 2021

By overwhelming majority, the name of the crew is now "Mavoko Machava Ntirho" (the xiTsonga equivalent of "Lazy bones" or "Idle Hands" and directly translated as "hands that are afraid to work"....Which is especially funny considering this crew's intensive work ethic)

Isaac, Bongienkosi and Cliff doing a fashion shoot in their new gear.

Cliff, showing us that the biceps in the logo are not false advertising.

Building-wise, we have started to make the frames for some sturdy new benches, so that our most acutely ill patients don't have to sit in the hospital gutter to wait (see Day 19-20, Gutter Wait post).

Jackie and Poeletso sanded off all the rust, and then painted everything a brilliant red after a thick antirust coat.

Each day ends with a short visit to Bobbhi who is being treated like a prince.

Although he has just run out of food...

We would love to buy Jackie and Poeletso a year of dog food and supplies so that he can be an example in a community with a distressing number of stray and neglected dogs.

its is just USD30 for an extra-large 25kg bag of food. 🐶🍖

Bobbhi would be very grateful indeed.


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