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Day 37 (Sunday) - From San Francisco, with Love (+ note to donors)

Jackie could not believe it.

"Someone from America knows my name?!!! .....They know Bohbbi?!!!!"

He was weeping with laughter and gratitude.

Within 5 minutes of posting our call for assistance to help guarantee Bohbbi's food supply for a year, we received USD40.00 from San Francisco via PayPal with the instructions "For Bohbbi"

We reacted equally promptly and Bohbbi now has:

--3 months of chicken-flavoured puppy food with luxurious duck gravy topping in sachets

--A month's worth of calming camomile night treats to help with the probably brutal transition from his mom's bustling bosom. --A handsome supply of flea powder

--9 months of worm pills


Jackie is a role model for animal welfare in the local community and further donations will help support his message.

Renovation-wise, here is a sneak peek of our new EXPERTLY crafted benches, before being painted in colourful infection-proof enamel.

We have a VERY busy week ahead as we prepare for the 💥GRAND OPENING💥 of Tintswalo's new emergency department (created ENTIRELY with your donations) on Friday.

But we are not stopping up:

--A new outpatient department

--Tintswalo's first palliative care ward

--Tintswalo's first chemotherapy treatment unit

--The list goes on

It's just SO extremely easy and eye-wateringly cheap 🥲.

To give you an idea, the basics of the ENTIRE palliative care ward could be done with just USD 5000.


YOU could be totally responsible for creating a place that reduces the unimaginable pain, suffering and indignity of dying in this community.

Why not?

🚨NOTE TO ALL DONORS 🚨: All donors to this project will be listed on a plaque commemorating the power in the kindness of strangers.

Please message me with the name(s) you would prefer to have listed.

WhatsApp: +41788667160

Yes that includes ALL donors, whether you sent USD10 or USD1000.

(if I haven't thanked you personally, it is only because I don't have your contact details. PLEASE contact me so that I can share our gratitude)

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