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Day 40 (Wednesday) - Rainbows, loading...

Keeping our promise of at LEAST one rainbow 🌈, two of our dedicated community service doctors/artists Dr Lauren Bosman and Dr Matthew Koekemoer got to work 🎨on delivering a pair of murals in the TWO NEW paediatric consultation rooms that were funded entirely by your donations.

Equally exciting, was the final coat on our green and yellow triage benches.

Now we wont miss critical patients who slump into gutters without getting seen.

🟢Green=not severe

🟡Yellow=should be seen soon

🟠Orange (on a bed)=should be seen next

🔴Red (resuscitation)=drop everything and see this patient immediately

(yes, the destroyed blinds are going to be removed)

And finally our "bush-IKEA" solution for organising our papers and emergency equipment so that we don't waste time digging in piles of stock, whilst a patient is deteriorating.

In the ER, lives depend on efficiency.

And finally, possibly the most impactful contribution yet: one of my favourite patients and his lovely wife wanted to contribute to uplifting their local community hospital and so, they donated 2 DAYS of EXPERT cleaning services from their company Top 2 Bottom cleaning!

All our equipment is now squeaky clean!

No more cables caked in blood and substances-of-undefined-biological-orgin splattered on the ceiling.

This is a new era in Tintswalo, thanks to YOU.

Now that we can see the potential of the place, who would accept to go back to the status quo?

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