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Day 41 (Thursday) - Finishing touches

Today, with the help of Top 2 Bottom Cleaning, we took piles of renovation trash to the dump.

...although you may notice a suspiciously new looking item added to the load behind jackie...

With the left over wood scraps and tin, we fashioned a bespoke kennel for Bobbhi 🐶

The rest of the day, was spent rushing the finishing touches before officially opening the NEW EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT (complete with Tinswalo's FIRST TRIAGE UNIT).

Here is a sneak peek of one of our new emergency consultation rooms, complete with a new curtain, new table, new examination bed, new chairs....and a FUNCTIONAL sink.

And next to that...our NEW procedure room, for putting plaster casts on broken limbs and performing lumbar punches and such... now no longer performed in a cramped space where you have to adapt your approach according to the available elbow room.

Here, you can see yet another FUNCTIONAL sink (a rarity in Tintswalo) and a new height adjustable stool for performing small procedures such as stitches.

And--hands down--the most important element of any emergency room: 🚨ORGANISATION 🚨

Our very own Dr Lilanie De Wet, has spent her weekends labelling drawers and stocking drug shelves, to ensure that no time is lost looking for things while our patients deteriorate.

In the ER, efficiency saves lives.

Tomorrow, we will officially open the new unit and thank all our donors for their kindness.

But we are NOT DONE YET❤️‍🔥

The next project is waiting in the wings.

Help us fund Tintswalo's FIRST high-care unit!

Look what we can do. Look what we have done. Its a very big deal and with very little funding.

Help us be a centre of excellence in rural healthcare!

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