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Day 6: 29.04.2021 (Thursday) - Hog-tie

Updated: May 13, 2021

I started my day with this familiar scene:

Just one of the many critically ill patients, lost in the hospital grounds hoping to find the emergency room...but with NO signage anywhere to direct them.


So, I designed a series of signs and ME GRAPHIX Hoedspruit has been fantastically responsive and generous to provide a major discount. It is ethical businesses like this who know that contributing to their community's wellbeing is the best route to well-deserved respect and success. Thank-you ME GRAPHIX !!!

Order to be placed tomorrow!

In the afternoon, another usual scene, which I did not photograph for the dignity of the patient. A 20-year old male with an acute episode of psychosis, dragged in by his family in a hog-tie (i.e. legs tied together at the ankles then pulled back to connect his feet with his wrists high above his inwardly arched back). He'd then get a kidney punch by a well-meaning brother with each squirm against the restraints whilst screaming prophecies to the general public.

His face was being pushed into the floor...The disgusting peeling floor with years of congealed blood and generalised excretions oozing out the cracks under pressure in a foul-smelling paste.

We have to get this floor fixed. I will be trying to get quotes for a self-levelling epoxy-resin today.

Extremely hard and set to last a life time (also used in car factories etc.).

Now, take a moment to imagine that you are one of the other patients on a bed flanking this poor man with the psychotic episode the emergency room. You are critically ill and a gentleman is informing you that he will cut out your eyeballs and eat them....

There is no security. The doors are broken and there is no isolation room. This is a disaster waiting to happen. Everyone is on edge when criminals come to get treated, waiting for the opposing party to storm in and finish off the job.

This happened in a district hospital near by just last week, where a health worker even got shot.

Tomorrow I am buying two slam-shut security doors to isolate dangerous patients and keep us all safe.

In other news, the resus room is plastered!! It will dry tonight and be painted first thing tomorrow.

Thank-you Yankie KaJeff Enterprises for delivering.

Jefferies worked SO hard that he was cramping all night. I gave him a voltaren injection to keep him in action and so that he could have a well-deserved night's rest.

We also found asbestos in the ancient roofing. The CEO myriam was immediately ON IT and called in public works to take a look...lets see what they can do...

Thank-you for following and for your support.

We will run out of funding soon and I hope that we can count on some extra support to finish the project as it should be done :)

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