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Day 7: 30.04.2021 (Friday) - Height limits

Updated: May 13, 2021

Posting this a little late, as we were all exhausted after an intense week of non-stop renovations.

Friday was a day of painting: A second coat in the triage area and a fresh coat in the resus room.

The place is totally transformed. Although quite ridiculously, we have to stop painting at a certain height because we don't have a long enough ladder 🙈. Indeed, the hospital maintenance team hardly has any tools beyond a few broken screw drivers. No drill. No level. No wrench... they are all really frustrated seeing all the problems and being unable to address them.

(We will be donating our tools to them afterwards)

In the afternoon, Faiyaz of Raja Hardware also came in to assess the renovations and kindly offer his assistance on ceiling boards 😍.

So refreshing to see prominent members of local society, like Faiyaz, so genuinely interested in improving the wellbeing of their community.

Tomorrow we have to plan the new wall partition to create a new consulting room as part of the triage workflow.

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