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Week 15 - Bohbbi, the man

Of all the extraordinary individuals in this project, the one I get asked most about is Bohbbi, the renovation dog.

Our tireless painter, Jackie, adopted him as a puppy during the emergency room renovation and your donations helped Bohbbi get a head start in life, with vaccinations, dewormers and flea protection along with a couple hundred kilos of food and treats.

Seven months on, and I am thrilled to report that Bohbbi is doing fabulously and continuing to be a role model for animal welfare in his community.

Bohbbi, the man.

Another totally random stranger reading this blog (this time from New York 🗽) decided to donate $50 (adding a private message to ensure that it was spent on re-stocking Bohbbi's pantry).

And so...we bought exactly $50 of assorted dog paraphernalia.

No "admin fees".

No "transport costs".

No BS.

Simple, direct, unadulterated delivery.

Immediate impact.

Food, dewormers, treats, and a manly collar-lead combo for his growing neck.

Jackie's Son Sipiwe, is proud to be Bohbbi's sidekick.

Bohbbi....he's so fly. He's a celebrity here. People come to see his crazy house and feel his soft fur. I show them his vaccine passport.

Bohbbi's bachelor pad 👆(constructed with scraps from the renovation #nowaste) has a new occupant...

Meet Bohbbette!

Please feel free to help her get the same head start that Bohbbi had!

...or just continue to support our high care renovation which is going full steam ahead...more impressive updates are en route!

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