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Week 2 - Ubuntu spirit

Ubuntu is a central ideology of the Bantu peoples of Sub-Saharan Africa.

It can be summarised as:

"I am because we are"

It is a philosophy that recognises the value of uplifting your community as part of your own advancement and, oppositely, it expresses the truth that your advancement is meaningless in a community that is left behind.

It is also the primary driver of the contagious success of this project.

The donations received from YOU, dear donors (from 5USD to 5'000USD) have allowed us to showcase the potential of our community; and local businesses have now started investing in our success as part of their own.

For instance, this week, we received an important donation from Verni Flooring

Did you ever wonder how such a shoe-string budget could afford hospital-grade epoxy flooring?

We now have enough for 660m2!

That is enough to redo the floors of our ENTIRE outpatient department which sees a footfall of 3'000 patients per month.

Now we just need your small donations to help us buy the cement and support our local community with jobs to lay the floors! Please donate now to be part of this exciting next phase!

It also means that our existing funding can be stretched even further; and with our current budget, we will now be able to:

  • DOUBLE the size of our high-care unit (with a male and female ward) as well as

  • Create a "forensic room" where we can assess victims of rape and domestic abuse in a quiet, private and secure space (our budget covers the walls and flooring, but we would need about USD 1000 more for a bed with stirrups, examination light, camera and stool 🙏).

With this in mind, our team was even more energised, and got to work by plastering one of our now TWO high care rooms!

Here is Treeza☝️guarding her top secret perfect plastering recipe 🪄 while Renounce and Sibusiso sand the walls down to a professional finish 👇

Next it was applying the undercoat👇 to waterproof our new walls.

And then taking turns to wheel a few hundred kilograms of sand and cement👇 across the hospital grounds...

To here...

Where our super-builder, Cliff👇 was teaching the new learners how to lay a floor like a pro 😎

Result! 🏁 Check out that finish....We are now ready for Verni's donated 🥰 Hospital Grade epoxy flooring paint!

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Donate to support these life-changing projects (each donation above USD 250 gets a gift from a local artisan posted to them wherever they are in the world! 🎁 So please communicate your contact details)

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