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Week 3 - Getting giving right

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

To paraphrase Aristotle,

Anyone can give things, but deciding on what those things should be is no easy matter.

Tintswalo has, indeed, been given some things in its life span...

Like this statue 👇 of children lazily enjoying the comfort and dignity of a bench...which, despite its benevolent intentions, now only serves to taunt the sick patients sitting on the hard ground (an issue which your donations have SOLVED for the emergency department that we have created in this project)

Another donation is this watercolour painting 👇 depicting a herd of buffalo giving the patients a rather questionable welcome into the gynaecology ward 🧐

Whatever its purpose, the canvas would have probably been a lot more meaningful if stretched over the gaps in one of our examination screens.

While all well-meaning, the utility of these offerings is sometimes rather difficult to pinpoint.

Our renovation project aims to target donations on EXACTLY what would be directly useful to patient care: on things that make our staff and patients say "Finally!".

We have had a lot of major moments in this renovation, but the donation we just received is, by far, the most useful: A monetary donation for 💥4 patient monitors 💥. You don't have to be a doctor to appreciate the central importance of these machines. They are the things that form the soundtrack of any hospital i.e. the "beep, beep, beep, beep"...and the dreaded "beeeeeeeeeeeeeep" which causes staff to spring into life-saving action. Tintswalo (a 423-bed hospital) currently has NONE of these machines in any of the wards including the emergency room. Imagine the number of lives that could be saved just by having one of these machines? It is just too obvious to comment on.

The high care wards that we are building right now would be pointless without them. High care is designed to provide heightened monitoring.

This is a very big deal.



Renovation-wise, we are still waiting for the cement flooring to cure, but Mumsy our star electrician ⚡️👇could come in to install our plugs and oxygen wall points...getting there...

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1 Comment

Aug 30, 2021

This project has not only allowed Tintswalo staff to say "at last ---FINALLLLY"; it has inspired and created opportunities; opportunities to earn a little, learn a little as we move along the path to "--- Finalllly!"). To all donors a big thank you and to those wondering about donating this is your chance to hear that grateful exclamation of joy and appreciation "FINALLLLY!"

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