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Week 6 - Indlovu in the room

This whole project is powered by donations...but this week we received a particularly powerful one: an Elephant.

Yep. Really.

Tintswalo is situated just around the corner from the Kruger National Park: South Africa's most famous and one of its largest game reserves, covering 200'000km2 of phenomenal savannah filled with the "big five" including over 13'000 bush elephants.

This means that us doctors often have some interesting traffic jams en route to work...👇

And sometimes, a few bad tempered guests on our doorsteps👇

#😬 (the flared ears and condescending stare are not great signs. Especially when you are 3 meters away...)

And then there's things like this...👇

The elephant (or Indlovu in the local language) donated to Tintswalo had recently died from natural causes, and our world-class conservationist programme doesn't leave anything to waste!

Its celebrated flesh was provided for the Tintswalo Heritage day party (officially on the 24th of September), a day on which South Africans are encouraged to celebrate their heritage.

Dr Luzuko of Tintswalo rocking his heritage on #HeritageDay 👆

And our construction team certainly needed the additional powers conferred by the elephant meat

This week, the floor of our SECOND high care room was laid 👆

And our fancy new vinyl was put up on the walls 👇

Next up: a double coat of our donated hospital-grade polyurathane floor paint and skirting boards.

The rooms will be ready just in time for the arrival of our brand new patient monitors and defibrillators!

These ladies deserved some post-indlovu cake 🍰!

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