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Week 7 - Critical Corridor

Our second✌️ high care room was strictly off limits this week while our precious polyurathane floor dried. (And yes, you read that correctly...second✌️high care: through clever coupon-cutting and shameless discount-fishing, we have managed to DOUBLE the capacity of our high care project 😎) #everypennycounts

#sneakpeek 👆To protect our freshly painted floors from curious footfall, we spread some vague rumours of biohazardous waste oozing from the plumbing ☣️🚽....which, to be the current situation almost everywhere else in the building...

Result 🤩

#perfection 👆...although, the broken patient monitor on the wall, taunts us with its lost potential...but we will soon have 6 WORKING and super robust ones to replace it, thanks to (you guessed it) YOUR DONATIONS 🌬🌈

With the new concrete underlay being 5cm higher than the original floor, all the doors had to be resized and rehung. So we also took the opportunity to fix and clean them.

Next up: hospital-grade skirting boards...and please take a moment to appreciate the milimetrically perfect alignment of the patterned strips of wall vinyl 👌

But let's remember that this is not just all eye candy.

Our critically ill patients are currently kept in this corridor👇 with no capacity to monitor their vital signs or alarms to alert us when their condition changes.

This is where they suffer through the often long wait until an ambulance can transfer them to the referral hospital in the closest city of Mbombela (6 hours away)...and this is assuming that Mbombela can accept them...

"Sorry but our ICU is full now...You will have to stabilise him there until tomorrow".

It is not necessary to explain how/why these high care rooms are so life/dignity-saving.


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