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Day 3: 26.04.2021 (Monday) - Suction

Updated: May 13, 2021

Today, we continued painting until Myriam, the CEO, realised that one of the painters was ill with a flu and needed to isolate 😷.

We wish him a speedy recovery!!

So, we paused painting for the rest of the day, which was actually the best thing to do, as casualty was super busy.

Tomorrow is a public holiday and our volunteer painters will be back to help us out 😍

Turning back to patient care, in the late afternoon, we received a critically ill 18-year-old girl in our destroyed and cramped resus room.

She was in a critical state with severe seizures, and we suspected an attempted suicide with an overdose of TB medication. We needed urgent suction to remove the blood and secretions from her airway as well as assist the antidote down her nasogastric tube…but to our dismay, found that none of the suction nozzles on the wall have an associated suction machine.

I cleaned the wall-mounted oxygen and suction nozzles and got them working again at least…

Now all we need are oxygen regulators and suction bottles!

This is a new item on my shopping list!

1) x3 wall mounted suctions

2) A pestle and mortar to crush pills for nasogastric tube insertion

3) Head blocks to immobilise C-spine in head/neck trauma (we are currently using drip bags!!)

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