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Stadium score!

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

The gutters are clogging up with patients...again...(yes, literally) 🫣.

Tintswalo hospital has a critical seating shortage, forcing patients to the queue for hours in the gutters.

While we managed to address this issue for emergency patients (see HERE) by creating beautiful triage-coloured benches (see HERE), the hundreds of sick patients visiting the outpatient department EACH DAY are not as fortunate.

👆A pregnant patient with stomach pain and nausea tries to keep it together as she joins the early morning queue outside the hospital. With some luck, she will hopefully be seen in about 7 hours from now.

Luckily, our history of guaranteed patient-focused impact is contagious.

After reading this blog, a concerned community member worked together with the local branch of his company to donate 96 soccer-stadium chairs to definitely resolve this unacceptable problem!

We look forward to providing our patients with stadium-level comfort for FREE!!

🙏Thank-you Desmond and EasyPay Net1!!🙏

Just another example of how 🫵YOUR🫵 donations synergise with community support to create a feed-forward cycle of incremental returns 🎡.

A simple 30CHF donation we received last week will cover the bolts to permanently attach them to the floor.

The change will be quite dramatic so stay tuned for more!

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