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Day 10-11 (Monday+Tuesday) - The funeral market

Updated: May 13, 2021

With Jackie and Poeletso working night shifts, the days are blending together like this blog post.

This morning I arrived to find Jackie and Poeletso STILL working, 15 hours after they arrived on site !

They had painted all the door frames and one of the two new consult rooms 🤴🏾🤴🏾!

I drove them home to rest and took a photo of them at their house celebrating their teamwork and commitment to improving their community hospital.

I also found these two beauties chasing after my car instructing me to give them sweets "immediately" 😅

A less sweet sight, was the proliferation of funeral advertising as I got deeper into the community. The sophistication of their marketing strategy to deploy mobile units here is a sad testament to life expectations in the region.

I wince each time I cross over the rickety bridge to Tintswalo hospital and see the Elite Funeral sign at the entrance, as if luring patients away with a "cut out the middle man" approach.

I am confident that our renovations will give Elite Funerals a lot fewer customers 👍.

This morning, I also arrived to a flood, and, thus, the theme of the day's work was decided (fixing the plumbing).

Strangely, none of the health staff even noticed the 1m x 4m puddle on the floor--They are just used to it with the rains and the leaking roof that they even wear special shoes. .

Here is the new Paediatric consultation room. We still need to permanently close the extra 2 doors in the room


1) fix the plumbing

2) install basins and taps on the

3) plaster over the extra doors

4) chip away at the flooring and remove it

5) paint the new consult room and second coat on the door frames

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