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Day 29 (Saturday) - Frame of Damocles

After weeks of difficult laundry decisions, we finally kitted out Jackie and Poeletso in top-notch overalls (and matching hats to complete the look).

They spent their day in the paediatric consultation room, covering their new gear with plaster and paint.

Meanwhile Cliff, Isaac and Bongienkosi (meaning "Thank-you, God" in Xhosa), were up on the roof, leak-hunting...and the leaks weren't so difficult to find...

They expertly patched up each hole just as the clouds were rolling in.

Decades of total neglect, fixed in a single morning thanks to your donations.

A bigger job will be to fix the roofing over the entrance to the ER, which has rusted into a precarious body-crushing Frame of Damocles dangling over the front door. A disaster waiting to happen in a place with an already flooded disaster market.

Cliff and the crew are ON IT.

The zinc sheeting for this project will be donated by Faiyaz from Raja Hardware in Acornhoek (yet again!!) who have been our key supporters with significant discounts that have made it possible to squeeze more use out of each of your donated dollars.

Next up: 1) The much anticipated arrival of....the Heidi Simply Sewing

2) A skirting board special

3) Replacing the rotted ceiling

4) Moving the patients back in!

and more...(depending on funding, of course)

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May 27, 2021

OMG - those holes in the roof! So exciting to have them closed!


May 25, 2021

your photos are superb

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