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Day 36 (Saturday) - Headblocks

Today, we were extremely excited to receive some essential equipment for use in our new resuscitation room.

Here is Dr Lauren Bosman test-driving Tintswalo's first and only set of trauma headblocks, purchased 100% thanks to your kind donations!

Headblocks are essential to basic trauma care and used to immobilize the neck in the aim of preventing spinal cord injury. Previously, we would have to fashion a make-shift version of this out of bags of saline and bandages, which never offered guaranteed support especially during bed-to-bed transfers or when the patient becomes confused/agitated.

We are eternally grateful for this invaluable opportunity to prevent life and limb-threatening injuries!!!

On the renovation side of things, this morning the new floors of the triage area were painted with a hospital-proof polyurathane coat.

And you may also notice that all the rotten ceiling boards were replaced 😍 (boards donated by Raja Hardware).

Outside, the dramatic changes are creating quite a stir in the community with the flashy red poles, arched entrance and new signage.

Tomorrow, we turn our attention to the new benches and furniture being made by our expert carpenter that will populate our NEW EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT.

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