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Day 38-39 (Monday + Tuesday) - Let it rain!

This week is a rush of a thousand loose ends before moving the patients back in.

Today, the 💥new💥 doors were hung for our 2 💥new💥consultation rooms.

Now, each leads to a SEPARATE room and each is the ONLY door into or out of that room.

This simple observation is an anomaly at Tintswalo, where each tiny consultation room throughout the outpatient department (quite inexplicably) has 4-6 doors, leading to an endless carnival of clinical voyeurism . Lost passers-by wandered through the rooms like passageways, nonchalantly squeezing past examination beds on which are strangers having intimate exams .

No more! 💪

And it was ridiculously cheap to fix. Less than USD100 of your donations have boarded up all those extra doors and eliminated this unacceptable affront to basic dignity. Thank-you.

Next, the new outside benches were installed by our stellar carpenter, Patrick.

We have now painted them a bright, emergency red

If you recall, there were previously NO benches, and the sickest patients in the hospital were forced to sit in the gutter.

Again: no more...and again with your donations. So easy.

And finally here is appreciation for our new ceiling boards (donated by Raja Hardware), which we painted grey and installed into a fancy looking stripe down the center of the emergency room.

As the clouds rolled in this afternoon, I was excited to test-drive our new leakless roof.

Let it rain!

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