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Help Us Make (even more!) Life-Saving Renovations
in a Rural South African Hospital 

Donate to enable simple interventions that save lives and protect the dignity of one of South Africa's most vulnerable and impoverished communities.

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Emergency room = DONE! ... now for OUTPATIENTS!!


RURAL High-Care unit

Something special coming here soon...

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Sexual Violence Investigation Room

Help us create a dedicated consultation room for victims of sexual violence 


The Roof

Help us stop the misery, damage and danger of flooding in our wards  

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100% of our donations come from random strangers reading this blog!

From 5 USD to 5000 USD. 



Donations > 250 USD receive a gift from a local artisan via post so please leave your contact details


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Faiyaz from Raja Hardware (around the corner from Tintswalo) knows the importance of investing in the health of his community. 

They have been supporting this project from the beginning with discounted goods and advice.

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Our new super-tough, wipe-clean PVC curtains were expertly made by Heidi's team.  They are probably one of the most meaningful parts of our renovation : Providing our patients with privacy and dignity.

See here

We thank her for giving us a significant discount.

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Were you wondering how such a shoestring budget like could afford a beautiful hospital-grade floor coating?

Yet another local company who sees the potential of our project. 

Verni has generously donated 660m2 worth of paint to our project!!

That will be enough to redo the ENTIRE outpatient department which sees the footfall of 3000 patients/month!!

All we need now is your continued donations to allow us to do the manual labour 🛠

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This is a big deal.

Procamed, a medical equipment company in Switzerland donated FIVE defibrillators, which will be arriving in Tintswalo soon. 

There are currently NO working defibrillators in this 423-bed hospital. (Yes. Really). 

Just imagine how many lives this donation will save. 💝


Thank-you Procamed for caring about this deserving community on from the other side of our planet!

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When babies are born prematurely, their livers are unable to cope. Neonatal jaundice is a life and brain-threatening condition that is particularly difficult to detect in dark-skinned babies and managing it requires daily blood draws from delicate hair-thin veins. 🩸🩸🩸


Dräger South Africa has donated a transcutaneous bilirubinometer. 

This USD 5000 tool is invaluable to the health of our newborns. 

Thank-you Dräger for supporting rural health!

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