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Incremental returns

456 days have passed since we inaugurated the new emergency unit created with just USD 15’750.70 of your precious donations (see here).

Let us do some math...

On each of those days, an average of 35 patients have entered this potentially life-altering space in various states of consciousness.

👆The emergency and triage unit 456 days on.

Each (yes EACH) of these approximately 15’960 patients were expertly triaged by newly trained staff (see here) using evidence-based protocols. The patients then waited in a clinically prioritised queue on our new colour-coded benches (instead of first-come-first-serve in the gutter: see here), after which they were attended to behind the privacy of hospital grade wipe-down curtains (see here) or in new consultation rooms (see here). Some were even resuscitated with our donated defibrillators (see here).

Those who our dedicated staff could not save, at least had the dignity of dying in a clean, calm, and private environment.

In raw numbers, that’s USD 15'750.70. / 15'960 patients = 98 cents per patient.

And each added day guarantees incremental returns 💰🌱

Us South Africans know a bargain when we see one, and so we launched several more projects: Implementing Tintswalo’s first High Care unit (see here) as well as a Sexual Violence Investigation Room (see here).

While the emergency unit project was rushed in 42 days (in keeping with its urgency), we shifted gears for the next projects so that we could better integrate them to strengthen the hospital system and build lasting maintenance capacity.

For instance, you may remember our all-female construction team (see here)?

Well, they are still in action, and building IN STYLE!

Led by Mumsie, our electrician extra-ordinaire 👇

We are now ready and excited to update you again: relaunching the regular newsletter 📯 #watchthisspace

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