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Week 16 - Buy these gals a beer!

Veterans of this blog may remember our previous call to "Buy these guys a beer" ... and we did!

Several members of that ❄️all-star❄️ team have built on the experience gained in this project to form their own renovation companies! #snowballeffect 🏂

Now, the torch has been passed to the new generation: A group of young apprentices (mostly female, 70%), eager to contribute to their community.

Here, they are taking a well deserved power-pose 👆 on a bench that they just designed and constructed from scrap wood 👇

A more throne-like version of the bench (sporting fluted arm-rests and a back support 👑) was made for our highly respected porter team. 👇

Porters are an integral part of our triage system: greeting patients at the entrance, providing directions, offering wheelchairs and, when necessary, jumping into action to calm and subdue disorientated or intoxicated patients.

How did we get this mostly female apprentice team? Not by some sort of positive selection process. They simply applied because it felt accessible.

I saw the project was led by women, so I knew my application would be taken seriously.

Indeed, we have very strong female role models in our team, like our phenomenal project manager, Rhian Twine 👇

Rhian has dedicated most of her adult life to Tintswalo and the surrounding community. And in case you need more evidence of her dedication, just ask her daughter, whose name is....Tintswalo...

Rhian works tirelessly to ensure our workers are safe, supervised, well fed and having fun whilst saving lives, one wall/floor/door at a time.

Here is one such life-saving floor: connecting our NEW emergency room (funded entirely by this project) with Tintswalo's FIRST high care unit (also funded entirely by this project i.e. with YOUR donations).

C'mon, buy these gals (and a few guys) a beer!

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